Chicken Collection. The designs for these chickens and roosters come from my own flock of birds.  These funny and useful fowl are really like pets and will come running when I call out "Chick, chick, chick".  They are not skittish at all and I enjoy their company.  Some of these birds are rare breeds and you will see that two of the cocks have 5 "toes".  That's because they are either Dorkings or cross breed Dorkings.

These designs come in the follow formats:  Hus Jef Sew Pes XXX Vip Vp3.  Always follow the colour chart and not the colours that show in your software.  This will ensure it stitches out like the picture.

my chickens2.jpg
my chickens.jpg
me and chickens.jpg

Here I am "sewing" with my chickens.  You can see my "Light Sussex" in the middle.