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When my children were little they each had a cot blanket in a different colour. These blankets were made from some kind of soft, cuddly fabric (not sure what) and they had broad satin ribbon around the edges as a binding. They each became attached to their blanket< I think because they loved rubbing the ribbon. The blankets quickly became a pain because they got dragged around and my children hated them going in the washing machine. They were also bulky to carry around and, of course, they got left in inconvenient places. Worse still they sometimes got left at home and a tired grizzly child would have a melt down when we were out. Still, nothing settled them quicker than their blanket and a quick rub, sniff or suck of that satin binding.

On one occasion my son had to go to hospital, a regular thing for him in childhood, and just before we left to take him, he vomited on his blanket. I knew he'd never settle in hospital without his "blanky" but I couldn't take the blanket in its state. What to do? Luckily only one end was soiled so I cut it in half! We took the clean end and he did settle with it initially, but once he got home and found the other half his little world was shattered. Even when I sewed it back together it was never the same for him. To add insult to injury the hospital also lost his teddy bear on that visit. Poor little boy. These days he's a 40 something married man but I still feel bad about his blanket.

In the years since my children were little some enterprising person invented the taggy. How handy to have small pieces of satin sewn into a small, cuddly square of fabric. Just as comforting as a big blanket but without the drama.

I made some of these for my grandchildren and they were a great hit. They are easy to make and are a lovely gift. (Tutorial at the end of this post) Not all children adopt a taggy as a comfort thing but for those who do these taggys are worth their weight in gold. If you decide to make your taggy from plush fabric like the Robert Kaufman Owls shown here, you can get a lovely selection from Plush addict are so helpful and you can sometimes find pieces of minky or plush fabric in their remants. You can also get satin ribbons from them as well

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