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This is my first post on my new blog! Welcome and thank you for dropping in. This is the place to come to if you want hints and tips for sewing bags and purses and embroidery designs. I'll tell you what works for me, how I manage a particular step and what works best when sewing out designs. I'll also advise you about anything in the planning stage and of course give offers and sales information.

For starters I thought I'd tell you about 2 different types of bag interfacing. This is the layer that goes between the outside fabric of the bag and the lining inside. You should always use some sort of interfacing. It gives your bag a better shape, makes it more robust and lengthens the life of your project. But different bag patterns require different interfacing. Take this bag:

I call this bag "Cute Curved Corners Bag". As you can see it holds its own shape and stands up well. The interfacing in this case is Soft and Stable ByAnnie. This is a foam layer covered on both side by thin soft fabric. It is easy to stitch through and gives a nice soft finish to your bag. There are two other similar products: Bosal In-R-Form Foam, and Pellon Flexi-Foam. The Bosal Foam is slightly thinner and firmer than Soft and Stable and comes in fusible and non-fusible. The only thing I am not entirely a fan of is that Bosal Fusible Foam once fused to the fabric can give the fabric a slightly "dimpled" look. Pellon Flexi-Foam is the firmest of these three foams but sometimes you want that, especially for bigger bags. This also comes in fusible and non-fusible. All of these products come in black and white. I have also found that you can get a similar interfacing by using the fabric that is used to make car interiors, known as Headlining Fabric.

This is Soft and Stable in action:

The demonstration shows just how flexible it is, but it also bounces back to original shape in a very pleasing way.

However, I have used a different interfacing with this same pattern to get a different effect.

This bag is the same pattern as the black and orange bag above but has a crisper look. This is interfaced with 70 Peltex Sew-in which is a fairly thin but firm interfacing much firmer than the interfacings used in dressmaking. Peltex is similar to Vilene S80 Heavy Sew-in and Timtex.

Which ever of these two interfacings you decide to use they are both lightweight and won't weigh your bag down before you've even put anything it!

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